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Your Jeans Need Less Washing Than You Think

Are you treating your jeans the same as any other piece of clothing? Or giving it for washing every weekend thinking the amount of dirt it would have accumulated? Is your denim looking soiled? You think so, it’s dirty and thus requires washing every now and then like any other garment. But is that right? Like weekly washing is really meant for denim jeans? If you have been doing all of this then you have been doing it the wrong way – all this while. But its never late to learn the right thing. The process of washing denim jeans has been one of the most talked-about topics in the industry, by the experts or questioned by the users. By the time you end up reading this article, you will end up with a good sense of working the denim jeans.  

#Let it age like fine wine:

To some extent, one can say that as denim get older, they give you better fit as well as they become like refined fabric. You enjoy them when they are older than when they were freshly bought. Increase the longevity of your jeans by washing them less. As older they get the fabric becomes softer and more comfortable. Additionally, they start taking shape of your legs giving extra comfort than earlier. Think about it, why everyone has got one pair of men’s jeans as their favorite? Also, they are not necessarily new ones.

#More Washing leads to faster damage:

Every time you are putting it for a wash in the machine, it goes through multiple rounds of spins, thrashing of the cycle etc which leaves the fabric less strong than it was. If you realize after the washing jeans also become hardened by the soap liquid which has got into while drying. The chemicals are cleaning the fabric but also leaving residuals inside it which eventually making them weak. In fact, they become so hard that getting into a pair of washed jeans is a task in itself.  

#Inside Out Story:

Now, obviously no one is asking you to wear dirty clothes or roam around like that. But yes, there are tricks to keep them clean and hygienic both. Remember the magical way of cleaning denim is always – Inside Out. Washing or drying them out, make sure you have flipped the branded men jeans so that the outer layer is getting less stressed by the machine wash or in the dryer.

#Read Brand Tags:

Maintaining a good pair of jeans is like the maintenance of a car. The only difference is the amount it is purchased for. While the way it’s advisable to always read the manual of the car, one should also read the tags of denim. Every brand would have had defined the to-dos to take care of the jeans. Each brand use different fabric and also processes hence, it makes sense to follow the instructions. Some of the men’s jeans will advise you to hand-wash them for longer shelf life.

#Sort your Jeans:

It’s important to sort your jeans while giving them in the washing machine. Most of the households will accumulate all the soiled clothes to put it in the machine.Branded Men’s Jeans should be washed separately with denim only. In fact, remember not to wash dark colored jeans with pastel colored jeans.

Get your hands on with the cleaning process of jeans. Now you know how to live with your most-loved jeans forever. Repeated washing will lead to unwanted loss of the fabric and you might also not find the same style/fitting jeans for men probably ever. So, wear them for the longest. Let them age with you too.

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