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Trendy Denim Collection for Men – Mufti Jeans

One can never get bored of Denim. Denim is never enough. Denim is pure love in all forms. It will never discriminate against your size, shape, color. It will always end up giving you the best of the looks and most importantly, confidence. Men’s fashion has always found lack options when it comes to fashionable clothing. They have had lesser choices than they could have needed. But no more suffering and struggling for men of the world. You should rejoice with the options now with brands like Mufti Jeans. Mufti launched in 1998 with a vision to lead the fashion of millennials with a twist of making denim core of fashion. Mufti is redefining men’s fashion since its inception. In fact, Mr Kamal Khushlani’s Mufti Fashion has also been leading the men from Bollywood. Mufti pioneered the art of stretchable jeans which was later adopted by the world. Let’s check out what all trends have been packed by Mufti Jeans for men:

Denim Shirts

Its summers, rainy or winter season, you can always rock that look. It’s easy and comfortable on your body. Its easiest to maintain than any other type of shirts. To create an all-denim look, opt for a white T-shirt with a washed pair of jeans and a denim shirt. This look never fails to impress the surroundings. Combine it with either sports shoes or canvas.

Distressed Vintage Jeans

Have you seen those photographs of your parents wearing high-waisted straight jeans? The denim used to be straight cut and most importantly easy on the go. They are having a moment right now too. Opt one of those to break the clutter of boot cuts and skinny jeans. They go well with whit casual shirt for men, funky t-shirts or even over-sized jackets. But do remember to find out your body shape before you buy one for yourself. Mufti Jeans has got an array of Vintage Denim which looks trendy as well as straight out of the ’80s. And that’s how Fashion works, right?

Washed Jeans

If you are looking for lighter jeans then go with light shades washed jeans. They are undoubtedly more casual than the darker ones and also, gives a refreshing feel. The best look you can create is a plain white T-shirt, Light coloured Jeans and sneakers along with a navy-blue blazer. That’s it! Or no blazer during summers. They make a classic combo throughout the year. Washed jeans as well as which are ripped has become one of the favourites of the millennials.

Denim Jackets

Denim Jackets– blue, black, washed, light blue, dark blue and what not! The fashion world has seen all shades of it but the light blue remains dear to everyone. The best part about wearing jackets is that it can be worn around the year. It’s like similar to wearing a cotton jacket. Over-sized jackets work during winters to cover up and create layers. A normal-sized jacket with an over sized-shirts can also make a great combo too.

Skinny and stretchable Jeans

Skinny would not go out the fashion. It’s enjoying the best moment of it. Everyone is loving and want to have multiple pairs of it too. Why don’t you check out Mufti for great collections of skinny Jeans? Mufti has been reviving its denim fashion lines to suit the youngsters and like. Before making the purchase while you need to know your body shape and then go for it. It’s important to keep the checks and balances.

Online Men’s Fashion has become a universe in itself. Thus, rather than physically visiting a store, it would make sense to check out the online fashion stores like Mufti and then make the purchase. It’s up to you if after that you want to visit or buy online.