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5 Trendy Jacket Outfits for Men – Mufti

Men’s Jackets are more than just fashion. They add a layer of attitude to your personality. There are different types of men’s jackets and to figure out which one is made for you is a difficult task. There are Gentlemen categories, for the coolest men in the town, and a few those who would want to be sportsperson all their lives. Here we would be talking about jackets for men which are essential to change their personalities as they step out for different occasions. After all, a similar type of jacket would not go with different types of ambiance and jackets would not go with your sense of persona. Therefore, it is important to come to a middle point to crack the right combination of jackets for men. Though rest assured there is one for everyone, every occasion and for the season as well. Let’s pick up the best of 5 Jacket outfits which would make you feel like a model.

For the tough guys- Trucker Jackets

The rugged and raw look with Trucker jackets would make you look awestruck. Try one of those for an outdoor casual setting or when headed on the roads. They come out well when paired with ripped jeans and similar colored t-shirts. And a tough man would never shy away to leave an opportunity to wear a pair of boots? Would he? Never, you believe. You might like a typical type of jacket but if you have missed its right combo then the irrespective how amazing trucker jackets you own they would lose their charm.

For the Gentlemen’s Evening- Suit Up

No matter how many options are thrown at a man for choosing an outfit for a formal evening he would never miss a chance to grab one of those tuxedos or a three-piece black suit. And well, why you should? When in doubt then look be a gentleman for the love of leaving lasting impressions on others. A black suit tailored to your fitting would never go out of fashion. To give a twist to it, you can choose self-designed jackets. The self-designs or patterns make the look overall edgy and worthy enough to be noticed.

For the love of Sports- Track Jackets

Here is the jacket which is being loved by the care-free millennial. The Athleisure Jackets or the Track Jackets are the go-to fashion for the men young at heart. They look perfect when worn with black straight fit jean and round neck t-shirts of a contrast color. They make you look fun on Fridays as well as keep you ready for the evening plans. As much they make you coolest in office, Track Jackets can give you a makeover from a gentleman to a hunk too. Try out some over-sized track jackets with loose track pants and do not miss to wear the most colorful sports shoes. That’s how you transform from a serious banker to a playful boy.

One for the Road- Biker Jackets

Let alone be the biker man! Celebrate the road in true style. When on the roads go for Biker Jackets. They are meant for highway adventures. So, why would you miss the fun? The Biker Jackets look awesome with blue denim and a body-hugging t-shirt, always round collared. The Biker Jackets for men look should be enhanced with some accessories like hand gloves and matured caps. Also, these jackets are a great match with Military Pants. The multi-pocketed military pants, a black t-shirt and a jacket. This one is made for the road to enjoy the essence of travelling on a bike.

For the Best Friend’s wedding- Designer Jackets

And you thought, we are done. When girls can get their fashion sense from the Bollywood fashionistas then why men have to be behind. For a wedding, there are various types of men’s jackets which one can wear. From a Bandh-gala to self-embroidered, a geometric cut to a knee-length sober jacket there is numerous options from where you can take inspiration. Sport an Indo-western outfit like an Off-white Kurta, Pyjama along with a light shaded jacket. For summers, choose linen to make a royal entry. Or go with Afghani pyjama and short kurta with half jacket contrasting the other two.

Here is the short guide to ease you out what would go best on you, how to be the charming guy in the crowd. When you walk down the ally in these men’s Jacket layered outfits let the heartbeats of girls compose some notes too. 

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7 Essential Tips to keep in mind when buying Men Jeans

Jeans are come across as one of the easiest items on the buying list. You walk in a store offline or online, check the waist size and that’s it. You have got a new pair of jeans for men! But is this how you will land up with an awesome collection? Or are you sure that there won’t be a return request. Most of the times while choosing a good pair of jeans most of the men miss on the important parameters.Men’s Jean cannot be bought on the just look of it. It demands a bit of patience, time, and as you go by you master the art. Every jean will have a different fitting and style; therefore, it becomes important to pay attention to those details. Now, how do you do that? Only when you know what are the top few filters to let you Make Your Move.

#1 The right pair of jeans differ from person to person

A pair of denim which you liked on someone else might not be made for your body. So, that should be your first filter to not buy what you like on others. It’s a trap when you influence the purchase based on others’ looks. You might be tempted to see models wearing skinny fit jeans for men while browsing items online but wait, it’s not necessarily who you are. Hence, it is important to have a reality check and understand your sizes as well as shapes. For instance, you might have a skinny body but not mandatory that a branded skinny jean would like nice on you. Jeans have to be bought an overall appearance. It should elevate your upper body too. On the other hand, a regular fitted jean would make you look cooler than a narrow-distressed jean.

#2 Sizing varies from brand to brand

Do not take your measurement for granted. The waist sizes might fluctuate from brand to brand. So, in case of that always check the online size chart shared by the brand or ask the sales representative in the stores. You might end up buying a 30-waist size which would turn out to be 28. Then what? A tight fitted denim cannot be worn regularly. To avoid the rounds of exchange and returns, and more so disappointment it is always advisable to either try the apparel or check the sizes. Assurance is better than repenting!

#3 Accommodating Jeans

Most of the jeans are made with comfortable fabric but there are some which are manufactured with extra care and affection. Those provide extra comfort because they are not only 100% cotton but comes with a stretching quality. The stretchable denim gives you a breather while wearing in different formats – semi-formal, casual. When weight fluctuates then these jeans become accommodating to your happy fat. Buying well-fitted jeans are about revisiting yourself all over again. 

#4 Where the length ends?

It is important to check where the hem is ending. Ideally, it should always lie above the lining of your shoes or trainers. There should be half an inch of gap which acts like a window for your colorful socks. The men jeans’ length should be checked while standing and sitting both. The postures allow us to judge the perfect fall of the item. Wear the type of footwear which you generally pair with jeans so that it makes the homework easier.

#5 When in doubt, Chose the Simple

With every season, you will be introduced to varieties of denim which can get overwhelming. You might want to shop for a few of them but would end up in an indecisive state. Thus, the most fashionable jeans are those which fit you properly. Its gives you a personality that you want, a comfort which other attires cannot and delivers right on the expectation. The simplest form of the jeans is mostly tried and tested, therefore, picking them would be a wise decision too without wasting time and money.

#6 Rise of the Jeans

Low-rise, Mid-rise and High-rise: Though any of these could make you look stylish most of the men should take a side of Mid-rise jeans. They are not only comfortable but keeps your posture right. With low-rise, there can be a bulge created over some time whereas high-rise could be worn by them only who could carry it or have got a body for it. For a regular body which doesn’t have much fat on the waist should prefer a mid-rise. It can be teamed up with Tees, Shirts for different occasions.

#7 Know the Colours

Dark-Blue, Blue or Naturally Faded! They are the most commonly available jeans. Mufti men’s fashion brands have got unique collections of colors and types of jeans which have become famous amongst the men. Generally, prefer a Dark-Blue jean for dressing in case you wear them with formal shirts and blazers most of the time. The normal denim blues would work for casual occasions like evening outings or wearing them over the weekends. The naturally faded with some distress are more youthful giving you uber-cool attitude. They make a great choice for concerts!

So, here you are knowing what you should be aware of before spending money on a pair of men jeans online. They can be of real value for money only if you know the cheat-code.

Shirts for Men

Casual Shirts for Men Trending this Season

Seasons are the excuses to speak your style. An excuse to give a makeover to your wardrobe as well as to yourself. A time to break the boredom. Seasons make the best time to let you define your personality. Every season can be enhanced with the collection of your clothes too. Men especially need extra effort to re-define their fashion because the myth is there is hardly any choices of clothes for them. But is that true? With brands like Mufti, there cannot be dearth in finding every day new options across all seasons. The rainy season calls for a special tribute from the house of Mufti. It has been a famous and trusted brand amongst the coolest guys of the town – read Bollywood. From the stretchable comfy jeans to athleisure shirts and t-shirts. This season, groove in style with the best of the casual shirts for Men.

# Try the All White combo

How about being gutsy in the rainy season to pick up a White T-shirt with a white short. Surprised? Trust this combo to make you stand apart from the crowd. While it is too daring to go all white but fashion is fashion. Pair the combo with bright colorful shoes or ankle-length sneakers. To lit, try Mufti’s tropical designed t-shirts or slim fit contrast motifs which are comfy for casual days.

# Layers of T-shirt and Shirt

No one can deny the rainy season has also got a tinge of chilliness in the air which is quite comfortable to be enjoyed. Layering is a good option to before you get into winters when there are no other options but sweaters or jackets. A striped t-shirt with a blue denim shirt makes you cooler than ever. Or a black round t-shirt with a burnt orange shirt. You can wear it upon shorts or a washed denim depends on where you are heading.

# The Coolest Checks

Wear small or mid-size Tartan Checks shirts in bright colors like yellow, blue, orange, red, blue shades during this season to beat the gloomy days. Chill in the half sleeves’ shirt like a carefree guy. Team them with a Short Shorts. Short Shorts which are above your knee almost between a half pant and normal shorts. There is nothing better to give everyone chill vibes more than this.

# Mandarin Collars

Haven’t you already fallen in love with the Mandarin Collars? Then this season, grab a couple of them in different colors to realize what realize Mandarin Collar Shirts for men real love is. They make you look suave, a pure gentleman and at the same time speaks of the attitude. Slim fit Mandarin half sleeves white shirt should be a mandate in the wardrobe. Pair it with khaki shorts or denim jeans.

# Full Sleeves

Full sleeves t-shirts, they have got their own special place in the wardrobe. Nothing can beat a subtle colored full sleeves t-shirt and jogger pant to keep the day easy. Mufti offers a range of t-shirts full sleeves t-shirts – solid and printed. It’s the season when full sleeves t-shirts can be your best friend. The temperature is right and how! Have fun wearing them now before it runs off the stock.

# Light SweatShirt

Keeping it light during the mild chilly nights. Light sweatshirts should be your first choice during the nights. They are comfortable not making it too warm and keeps you cosy as well. Wear the slim fit sweatshirt which works best with denim jeans or even black essential joggers. Unlike winter sweatshirt, they can be useful during spring or rainy seasons. With such an array of fashionable t-shirts or shirts, your wardrobe won’t be boredom for sure.


Trending Men Clothing Online – Mufti Jeans

Too many choices to get spoiled? That’s what everyone is becoming in the era of fashion along with an unbelievable amount of clothes. But the wise lot is the one which knows what to pick from the crowd. What works for them? Which is the best? Which brands to swear by? Or which one to trust? While the options have increased so has been the demand. The Men’s Fashion industry has seen some amazing innovations of the century which have been well accepted by the men of today’s world. They are no more shying away from experiencing the new designs, colors, patterns, outfits etc. Though there have been some of the brands which have made their special place in consumers’ minds- Mufti. Mufti has been trending since its inception because of the kind of clothing range they launched. From shirts to denim Mufti journey has been well applauded by the men. Men have been always restrictive of wearing way different or out of fashion clothes. They have believed to follow the routine wears like shirts, jeans etc. Mufti brought uniqueness to the same categories of clothes. The twist to the clothing range increased the options for men. For example, the stretchable jeans’ concept was introduced by Mufti. Since then they have been amongst the favorites to shop branded men’s jeans or shirt:

New Definition of Shirts

The normal collared-white, blues etc have been doing the rounds of wardrobes for years and years. Passing on to the generations, men really didn’t try new attires of at least colors or patterns. With Mufti breaking the notion to come up with innovative colors as well as prints inspired by weather or the surroundings have received much love from the guys. Mandarin Collared half sleeves shirts in multiple colors like burnt orange, shades of blue and shades of red are worth buying. Also, look for the newest autumn-winter collection from Mufti with tropical themes or stone leaf prints. Men never considered floral printed shirts but hey, Mufti has changed the game. Catch by yourself the beauty of shirts.

Own the Jeans

Mufti, the brand has mastered the art with denim styles. Be it jeans or shirts. It gave stretchable jeans to the youth of India. The most comfortable part of clothing. And then the journey of innovation never stopped. It provides an array of fashionable jeans to all age groups of men – narrow slim jeans, super slim distressed, super slim ankle length, skinny jeans. They come in all shades which can cover all your needs – all your various moments in a day. Its time to own the pieces to be ahead in the fashion game.  

T-shirts Love

Those branded Polo Neck T-shirts have always been Favorited by men. Probably because not many brands gave other options to indulge. Mufti came up with styles which are ahead like – floral prints Polo Neck T-shirts, Geometric prints, Abstract prints, Bird Print and many more. The color variations are not something seen generally. Mint colored half sleeves t-shirts, half n half colored, Olive, Beige – they will make you go crazy with the options. Wear them with Super Slim Jeans in different colors. You can stack a number of them for different days too.

Sporty Edition

The sporty look is not restricted to the playground but has gone to another level. This look has become favorite of celebrities and why not, they make you look so urbane as well as the most comfortable attires. Mufti is nowhere behind in fulfilling such fashion goals. Check out their Sports Edition category – Jogger Pants, Navy Style Full Sleeve Shirt, Full Sleeve Shirt with Hoody, Drawstring Camo Knitted Jogger. Team them with Mufti Joggers Olive Knitted shoes, Casual Sporty Shoes.

Change is required as we grow. We move to other places and imbibe new cultures, similarly, clothes are life cultures because until and unless you won’t imbibe them you can’t enjoy either.

The Right Combination of Jeans and Body Type

Today the concept of fashion has changed. It is nowhere restricted by shape, size, mindset, geography. It cannot be fitted into a bottle. It has to outgrow itself to achieve a different perspective of the individuals. Fashion is about you and how you carry yourself. It is not superficial anymore but it is led by internal instincts as well as the characteristics of the individual. In today’s time, one cannot demarcate the personalities into good or bad. All are defining themselves in their own way. Similarly, the Fashion World has got some impeccable masterminds which are evolved to understand the dynamic needs of youngsters. The brands which are stick to the traditional method of style they are stuck behind than others. For example, brands like Mufti Jeans is known for their experiments. Be it for denim jeans or shirts or fabrics or just the prints. The world has changed, the clothes are made according to your need. Thus, you don’t have to change as per certain constraints.

Take the example of jeans itself, it has changed the world trend in fashion. Its comfort, stylish, uber and many things at the same time. So why it will be contained to a specific group of people only. The brands have geared up to make jeans which suit your body type. There are different body types of men which can be categorized in segments:

  • Thin
  • Muscular Thin
  • Large Waist Thin
  • Wide Hips

Therefore, it makes sense to go for a pair of branded men jeans which would go best on you. Here is a little guide to pick up the best for you. So, there are new variants of jeans which might or might not work on your body type. The type of jeans are:

  • Skinny
  • Slim
  • Regular
  • Relaxed
  • Loose

Now, let’s know which body type and jeans would make a great combo.

Combination #1

For thin men who are slim from top to bottom should prefer going for a Regular or Slim fit jean. Regular jeans with low rise make their waist look broader as well as flatters their body. With lean muscles or thin legs, the regular jeans also give room to the legs not making them appear as thin they are. For instance, Mufti Narrow Jeans which are made from skin-friendly fabric. They provide all-day comfort as well as leg movement.

Men with slender body types should avoid wearing skinny or loose jeans. Skinny will make you look even slimmer whereas the loose jeans would the appearance too wide for the legs. Also, avoid wearing high rise jeans which would make your hip look flatter.

Combination #2

Men with a fit body or athletic physique should go for slim, regular or relaxed jeans. The jeans should be able to accentuate the muscular. You can also choose low rise as the stomach muscles are toned too. Even the relaxed jeans will make you look sturdy and stronger without the comprise on the muscles. Pick up one of the latest super slim jeans which are stonewashed from denim brands. You can also choose a fabric which is a mix of cotton and elastic too. While most of the styles would look nice on your body but avoid wearing regular jeans with wide legs. They don’t do much to your body leaving it unnecessary wide and untoned.

Combination #3

Most of the men at times struggle to find a perfect fit for their large waist. They seem to spend many years figuring out the fit or in cotton pants. But why? When you can choose your fit from fabulous multiple options in today’s time. You might look full when it comes to the upper part of the body but that is no more a worry. Always shop one or two variants of Regular or Loose Jeans when you are out to shop. In fact, you can try high rise too to keep the tummy flattened if you plan to team it with a blazer for a function. Straight cuts will give you a smarter and much balance look too.

Though totally avoid slim, skinny kind of jeans. They make you look out of the shape for no reason and cannot be a comfortable option too.

Combination #4

Wide hips! Do not fear but wear the right pair of jeans. Wide hips’ men should absolutely go for loose, regular or relaxed jeans. Be wise to get more comfort, buy one size up when selecting regular jeans. It will give you more space to sit as well as breathable legs too. You can also try straight-leg jean with a high-rise waist to get a toned look. The third option is Loose Jeans with wide leg and seat, the most comfortable options when the day is going to be long or you are in a mood to chill.

Out of any of these combinations, remember to keep your comfort as priority number one. It will help you to be in your skin as well as make the right choice while picking the right branded men Jeans.


Trendy Denim Collection for Men – Mufti Jeans

One can never get bored of Denim. Denim is never enough. Denim is pure love in all forms. It will never discriminate against your size, shape, color. It will always end up giving you the best of the looks and most importantly, confidence. Men’s fashion has always found lack options when it comes to fashionable clothing. They have had lesser choices than they could have needed. But no more suffering and struggling for men of the world. You should rejoice with the options now with brands like Mufti Jeans. Mufti launched in 1998 with a vision to lead the fashion of millennials with a twist of making denim core of fashion. Mufti is redefining men’s fashion since its inception. In fact, Mr Kamal Khushlani’s Mufti Fashion has also been leading the men from Bollywood. Mufti pioneered the art of stretchable jeans which was later adopted by the world. Let’s check out what all trends have been packed by Mufti Jeans for men:

Denim Shirts

Its summers, rainy or winter season, you can always rock that look. It’s easy and comfortable on your body. Its easiest to maintain than any other type of shirts. To create an all-denim look, opt for a white T-shirt with a washed pair of jeans and a denim shirt. This look never fails to impress the surroundings. Combine it with either sports shoes or canvas.

Distressed Vintage Jeans

Have you seen those photographs of your parents wearing high-waisted straight jeans? The denim used to be straight cut and most importantly easy on the go. They are having a moment right now too. Opt one of those to break the clutter of boot cuts and skinny jeans. They go well with whit casual shirt for men, funky t-shirts or even over-sized jackets. But do remember to find out your body shape before you buy one for yourself. Mufti Jeans has got an array of Vintage Denim which looks trendy as well as straight out of the ’80s. And that’s how Fashion works, right?

Washed Jeans

If you are looking for lighter jeans then go with light shades washed jeans. They are undoubtedly more casual than the darker ones and also, gives a refreshing feel. The best look you can create is a plain white T-shirt, Light coloured Jeans and sneakers along with a navy-blue blazer. That’s it! Or no blazer during summers. They make a classic combo throughout the year. Washed jeans as well as which are ripped has become one of the favourites of the millennials.

Denim Jackets

Denim Jackets– blue, black, washed, light blue, dark blue and what not! The fashion world has seen all shades of it but the light blue remains dear to everyone. The best part about wearing jackets is that it can be worn around the year. It’s like similar to wearing a cotton jacket. Over-sized jackets work during winters to cover up and create layers. A normal-sized jacket with an over sized-shirts can also make a great combo too.

Skinny and stretchable Jeans

Skinny would not go out the fashion. It’s enjoying the best moment of it. Everyone is loving and want to have multiple pairs of it too. Why don’t you check out Mufti for great collections of skinny Jeans? Mufti has been reviving its denim fashion lines to suit the youngsters and like. Before making the purchase while you need to know your body shape and then go for it. It’s important to keep the checks and balances.

Online Men’s Fashion has become a universe in itself. Thus, rather than physically visiting a store, it would make sense to check out the online fashion stores like Mufti and then make the purchase. It’s up to you if after that you want to visit or buy online.     

Solving the mystery of Men’s Skinny Jeans

Jeans are jeans, right? The phrase used to be this when our parents shopped for us. But, since then the definition and the take on jeans have changed. The denim has become a staple for youngsters. You cannot have a day running without wearing something or the other than denim fabric. It might be a pair of jeans or a denim shirt, denim short, a dress so on and so forth. The varieties are more than enough to confuse you. In fact, if we look at just one of the denim categories of jeans you will find that there are many options to fill the wardrobe with different types of jeans. But you need to know what to wear when what to would suit you and most importantly what not. One of the trickiest denim clothing, especially for boys, are ‘Skinny Jeans’. They can make you look really nice or even messier if you come to think so. There are only a few of the brand which understands denim clothing like no other brands. For instance, when you pick up Mufti jeans you feel the difference for sure. They are made with a lot of care and minute details. Its products talk about the brand itself. You see the difference when you pick up one of those. The jeans are story-teller in themselves. It stands perfect companion for the millennial. A brand which has influenced the leads of the Bollywood too. Wouldn’t you like to own pair of denim from such a house of creative clothing?

Now, how about guiding ourselves with Skinny Jeans. We need to just focus on how it’s going to make our lives better than worse. There are ways! There are multiple options to wear skinny jeans to not only look good but awesome. It can be confusing from picking up the right pair of skinny jeans, to create the correct combinations in order to get it right. Here is a quick fashion guideline which will help you every time you find yourself in a pair of skinny jeans:

Body Proportion Matters

Not two bodies can be alike. Therefore, it becomes very important to know what is your body type or rather what is your body proportions. Like for instance, if you belong to the fitter gang of the boys with the great build then you should find yourself more slender kind of skinny jeans like super skinny jeans in whites or washed denim. And if you are not one of them, then go for branded skinny jeans in dark blue colors or even washed ones.

The Fit

No matter how good body you have got but if you end up picking up wrong skinny jeans for yourself then it can be a mess.  Do not go by the rule what looks good on the mannequins but be the model of your clothing. Try, try and try as many pairs of them to find the right one. Before you combine it with another set of clothing and accessories you should have had found one for yourself. Also, remember just because they are called Skinny Jeans, they do not have to be tight enough to make your life a struggle but decently loose jeans would do too.

What works better

Ripped Skinny Jeans might give you more varieties as well as looks cool at the same time. Also, it helps you to balance out the proportions with wholes and distresses on different parts of it. For sure, on a casual day, it will rescue you from a serious look.

Wearing it Right

Team up! That’s the most important part after you have got the right pair of skinny jeans. Loose t-shirts and simple trainers will complete your looks. For evenings, choose straight cut jeans to get a sober look. Sneakers are the best friend of skinny jeans. Say no to pointed formal shoes forever when wearing skinny jeans.

There are multiple options online from which you can buy, the sizes are defined so well that you know which one to pick. Go, get them now at Mufti Jeans!