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The Importance of good fit in Men’s Fashion

You would be wondering why fitting is so important in fashion? Good fitting is like making the game stronger in the fashion world. A Well Fitted apparel talks confidence. A slim-fit shirt for men which is as good as a tailored shirt leaves only positive vibes. Good Fitting jeans are a thing and you cannot go wrong about it. A little bit of miss here and there shouldn’t matter much but, it’s about more than that. It is about to create an individual who is fashionable in the truest sense. In fact, fitting surpasses any other parameter to make you look awesome. You might end up buying a high-end variety of clothes but if it’s not fitting well then, you have lost the money and the style too. You should always look to reap the benefits of the brands. You can afford to have fashion on point at least expense when you are buying fitted clothes. Though why it becomes paramount in men’s casual fashion world? Here, we answer your question:

What’s your measurement?

Most of the men do the same mistake they depend on the tailors or the attendants in the shops to tell what size would fit you the best. This is the basic where all men go wrong hence, it becomes way important to keep a tap on your own body. Get in a habit of checking your body measurement every six months. It also helps you to keep a tap on which the body needs to work out. Shirts, t-shirts and denim, they make the regular buys therefore, the measurement comes handy. It helps you to save money and energy rather than getting into a hustle of exchanges.

Blazers & Jackets

Today is the time when most of the men prefer to buy ready-made suits and jackets. Well, every man knows how much money and trials are spent on buying one of these. With suits and jackets if the fitting goes hay-wire then the appearance would not even be half of what you expected. The shoulder might look lousy, or the buttons are getting cramped in the front, the sleeves are long and all of these you didn’t realize while buying. The under-line issue is you never gave much thought to the measurement. Also, keep in mind that size might differ from brand to brand or type of fabrics.


Would you want to look weird in a casual look, no? Mostly men think you can do away with a casual look by wearing anything and everything. Though the casual look is not about looking shabby but comfortably well-dressed. Men’s T-shirts are the basic therefore, don’t get much attention while purchasing. You should be aware of the type of body- rectangular, V-shape, skinny or lean. It depends on these that which type of t-shirt you should pick up. If you have a long neck then a polo t-shirt for men would be great but if you have a round neck then buy yourself a round neck t-shirt. A pigeon chest man can go for V-neck t-shirt which also accentuates his well-built torso.

Chinos and Jeans

The key is to buy the right waist size and pattern of the jeans. Always, measure your waistline before you are ordering a denim jean online to make sure the measurements are matching. The length of the jeans should always end on the top of the trainers. Do not forget to check the material because it can affect the size after a few rounds of wash. For example, cotton fabric tends to shrink. So, it is important to pay attention to minute details.


Dress Shirts vs Casual Shirts- both will differently. For a dress shirt, there shouldn’t be much wafting at the waistline and should fit well. It shouldn’t be too tight at the chest to make you feel uncomfortable. The handcuffs should end at the wrist. On the hand, men’s casual shirts would be a size lose so that it can be worn in different ways.

Be wise in buying clothes especially when ordering online. Make a habit to check the size chart to match your measurements.


Trending Men Clothing Online – Mufti Jeans

Too many choices to get spoiled? That’s what everyone is becoming in the era of fashion along with an unbelievable amount of clothes. But the wise lot is the one which knows what to pick from the crowd. What works for them? Which is the best? Which brands to swear by? Or which one to trust? While the options have increased so has been the demand. The Men’s Fashion industry has seen some amazing innovations of the century which have been well accepted by the men of today’s world. They are no more shying away from experiencing the new designs, colors, patterns, outfits etc. Though there have been some of the brands which have made their special place in consumers’ minds- Mufti. Mufti has been trending since its inception because of the kind of clothing range they launched. From shirts to denim Mufti journey has been well applauded by the men. Men have been always restrictive of wearing way different or out of fashion clothes. They have believed to follow the routine wears like shirts, jeans etc. Mufti brought uniqueness to the same categories of clothes. The twist to the clothing range increased the options for men. For example, the stretchable jeans’ concept was introduced by Mufti. Since then they have been amongst the favorites to shop branded men’s jeans or shirt:

New Definition of Shirts

The normal collared-white, blues etc have been doing the rounds of wardrobes for years and years. Passing on to the generations, men really didn’t try new attires of at least colors or patterns. With Mufti breaking the notion to come up with innovative colors as well as prints inspired by weather or the surroundings have received much love from the guys. Mandarin Collared half sleeves shirts in multiple colors like burnt orange, shades of blue and shades of red are worth buying. Also, look for the newest autumn-winter collection from Mufti with tropical themes or stone leaf prints. Men never considered floral printed shirts but hey, Mufti has changed the game. Catch by yourself the beauty of shirts.

Own the Jeans

Mufti, the brand has mastered the art with denim styles. Be it jeans or shirts. It gave stretchable jeans to the youth of India. The most comfortable part of clothing. And then the journey of innovation never stopped. It provides an array of fashionable jeans to all age groups of men – narrow slim jeans, super slim distressed, super slim ankle length, skinny jeans. They come in all shades which can cover all your needs – all your various moments in a day. Its time to own the pieces to be ahead in the fashion game.  

T-shirts Love

Those branded Polo Neck T-shirts have always been Favorited by men. Probably because not many brands gave other options to indulge. Mufti came up with styles which are ahead like – floral prints Polo Neck T-shirts, Geometric prints, Abstract prints, Bird Print and many more. The color variations are not something seen generally. Mint colored half sleeves t-shirts, half n half colored, Olive, Beige – they will make you go crazy with the options. Wear them with Super Slim Jeans in different colors. You can stack a number of them for different days too.

Sporty Edition

The sporty look is not restricted to the playground but has gone to another level. This look has become favorite of celebrities and why not, they make you look so urbane as well as the most comfortable attires. Mufti is nowhere behind in fulfilling such fashion goals. Check out their Sports Edition category – Jogger Pants, Navy Style Full Sleeve Shirt, Full Sleeve Shirt with Hoody, Drawstring Camo Knitted Jogger. Team them with Mufti Joggers Olive Knitted shoes, Casual Sporty Shoes.

Change is required as we grow. We move to other places and imbibe new cultures, similarly, clothes are life cultures because until and unless you won’t imbibe them you can’t enjoy either.

Solving the mystery of Men’s Skinny Jeans

Jeans are jeans, right? The phrase used to be this when our parents shopped for us. But, since then the definition and the take on jeans have changed. The denim has become a staple for youngsters. You cannot have a day running without wearing something or the other than denim fabric. It might be a pair of jeans or a denim shirt, denim short, a dress so on and so forth. The varieties are more than enough to confuse you. In fact, if we look at just one of the denim categories of jeans you will find that there are many options to fill the wardrobe with different types of jeans. But you need to know what to wear when what to would suit you and most importantly what not. One of the trickiest denim clothing, especially for boys, are ‘Skinny Jeans’. They can make you look really nice or even messier if you come to think so. There are only a few of the brand which understands denim clothing like no other brands. For instance, when you pick up Mufti jeans you feel the difference for sure. They are made with a lot of care and minute details. Its products talk about the brand itself. You see the difference when you pick up one of those. The jeans are story-teller in themselves. It stands perfect companion for the millennial. A brand which has influenced the leads of the Bollywood too. Wouldn’t you like to own pair of denim from such a house of creative clothing?

Now, how about guiding ourselves with Skinny Jeans. We need to just focus on how it’s going to make our lives better than worse. There are ways! There are multiple options to wear skinny jeans to not only look good but awesome. It can be confusing from picking up the right pair of skinny jeans, to create the correct combinations in order to get it right. Here is a quick fashion guideline which will help you every time you find yourself in a pair of skinny jeans:

Body Proportion Matters

Not two bodies can be alike. Therefore, it becomes very important to know what is your body type or rather what is your body proportions. Like for instance, if you belong to the fitter gang of the boys with the great build then you should find yourself more slender kind of skinny jeans like super skinny jeans in whites or washed denim. And if you are not one of them, then go for branded skinny jeans in dark blue colors or even washed ones.

The Fit

No matter how good body you have got but if you end up picking up wrong skinny jeans for yourself then it can be a mess.  Do not go by the rule what looks good on the mannequins but be the model of your clothing. Try, try and try as many pairs of them to find the right one. Before you combine it with another set of clothing and accessories you should have had found one for yourself. Also, remember just because they are called Skinny Jeans, they do not have to be tight enough to make your life a struggle but decently loose jeans would do too.

What works better

Ripped Skinny Jeans might give you more varieties as well as looks cool at the same time. Also, it helps you to balance out the proportions with wholes and distresses on different parts of it. For sure, on a casual day, it will rescue you from a serious look.

Wearing it Right

Team up! That’s the most important part after you have got the right pair of skinny jeans. Loose t-shirts and simple trainers will complete your looks. For evenings, choose straight cut jeans to get a sober look. Sneakers are the best friend of skinny jeans. Say no to pointed formal shoes forever when wearing skinny jeans.

There are multiple options online from which you can buy, the sizes are defined so well that you know which one to pick. Go, get them now at Mufti Jeans!