Trending Men Clothing Online – Mufti Jeans

Too many choices to get spoiled? That’s what everyone is becoming in the era of fashion along with an unbelievable amount of clothes. But the wise lot is the one which knows what to pick from the crowd. What works for them? Which is the best? Which brands to swear by? Or which one to trust? While the options have increased so has been the demand. The Men’s Fashion industry has seen some amazing innovations of the century which have been well accepted by the men of today’s world. They are no more shying away from experiencing the new designs, colors, patterns, outfits etc. Though there have been some of the brands which have made their special place in consumers’ minds- Mufti. Mufti has been trending since its inception because of the kind of clothing range they launched. From shirts to denim Mufti journey has been well applauded by the men. Men have been always restrictive of wearing way different or out of fashion clothes. They have believed to follow the routine wears like shirts, jeans etc. Mufti brought uniqueness to the same categories of clothes. The twist to the clothing range increased the options for men. For example, the stretchable jeans’ concept was introduced by Mufti. Since then they have been amongst the favorites to shop branded men’s jeans or shirt:

New Definition of Shirts

The normal collared-white, blues etc have been doing the rounds of wardrobes for years and years. Passing on to the generations, men really didn’t try new attires of at least colors or patterns. With Mufti breaking the notion to come up with innovative colors as well as prints inspired by weather or the surroundings have received much love from the guys. Mandarin Collared half sleeves shirts in multiple colors like burnt orange, shades of blue and shades of red are worth buying. Also, look for the newest autumn-winter collection from Mufti with tropical themes or stone leaf prints. Men never considered floral printed shirts but hey, Mufti has changed the game. Catch by yourself the beauty of shirts.

Own the Jeans

Mufti, the brand has mastered the art with denim styles. Be it jeans or shirts. It gave stretchable jeans to the youth of India. The most comfortable part of clothing. And then the journey of innovation never stopped. It provides an array of fashionable jeans to all age groups of men – narrow slim jeans, super slim distressed, super slim ankle length, skinny jeans. They come in all shades which can cover all your needs – all your various moments in a day. Its time to own the pieces to be ahead in the fashion game.  

T-shirts Love

Those branded Polo Neck T-shirts have always been Favorited by men. Probably because not many brands gave other options to indulge. Mufti came up with styles which are ahead like – floral prints Polo Neck T-shirts, Geometric prints, Abstract prints, Bird Print and many more. The color variations are not something seen generally. Mint colored half sleeves t-shirts, half n half colored, Olive, Beige – they will make you go crazy with the options. Wear them with Super Slim Jeans in different colors. You can stack a number of them for different days too.

Sporty Edition

The sporty look is not restricted to the playground but has gone to another level. This look has become favorite of celebrities and why not, they make you look so urbane as well as the most comfortable attires. Mufti is nowhere behind in fulfilling such fashion goals. Check out their Sports Edition category – Jogger Pants, Navy Style Full Sleeve Shirt, Full Sleeve Shirt with Hoody, Drawstring Camo Knitted Jogger. Team them with Mufti Joggers Olive Knitted shoes, Casual Sporty Shoes.

Change is required as we grow. We move to other places and imbibe new cultures, similarly, clothes are life cultures because until and unless you won’t imbibe them you can’t enjoy either.

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