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5 Trendy Jacket Outfits for Men – Mufti

Men’s Jackets are more than just fashion. They add a layer of attitude to your personality. There are different types of men’s jackets and to figure out which one is made for you is a difficult task. There are Gentlemen categories, for the coolest men in the town, and a few those who would want to be sportsperson all their lives. Here we would be talking about jackets for men which are essential to change their personalities as they step out for different occasions. After all, a similar type of jacket would not go with different types of ambiance and jackets would not go with your sense of persona. Therefore, it is important to come to a middle point to crack the right combination of jackets for men. Though rest assured there is one for everyone, every occasion and for the season as well. Let’s pick up the best of 5 Jacket outfits which would make you feel like a model.

For the tough guys- Trucker Jackets

The rugged and raw look with Trucker jackets would make you look awestruck. Try one of those for an outdoor casual setting or when headed on the roads. They come out well when paired with ripped jeans and similar colored t-shirts. And a tough man would never shy away to leave an opportunity to wear a pair of boots? Would he? Never, you believe. You might like a typical type of jacket but if you have missed its right combo then the irrespective how amazing trucker jackets you own they would lose their charm.

For the Gentlemen’s Evening- Suit Up

No matter how many options are thrown at a man for choosing an outfit for a formal evening he would never miss a chance to grab one of those tuxedos or a three-piece black suit. And well, why you should? When in doubt then look be a gentleman for the love of leaving lasting impressions on others. A black suit tailored to your fitting would never go out of fashion. To give a twist to it, you can choose self-designed jackets. The self-designs or patterns make the look overall edgy and worthy enough to be noticed.

For the love of Sports- Track Jackets

Here is the jacket which is being loved by the care-free millennial. The Athleisure Jackets or the Track Jackets are the go-to fashion for the men young at heart. They look perfect when worn with black straight fit jean and round neck t-shirts of a contrast color. They make you look fun on Fridays as well as keep you ready for the evening plans. As much they make you coolest in office, Track Jackets can give you a makeover from a gentleman to a hunk too. Try out some over-sized track jackets with loose track pants and do not miss to wear the most colorful sports shoes. That’s how you transform from a serious banker to a playful boy.

One for the Road- Biker Jackets

Let alone be the biker man! Celebrate the road in true style. When on the roads go for Biker Jackets. They are meant for highway adventures. So, why would you miss the fun? The Biker Jackets look awesome with blue denim and a body-hugging t-shirt, always round collared. The Biker Jackets for men look should be enhanced with some accessories like hand gloves and matured caps. Also, these jackets are a great match with Military Pants. The multi-pocketed military pants, a black t-shirt and a jacket. This one is made for the road to enjoy the essence of travelling on a bike.

For the Best Friend’s wedding- Designer Jackets

And you thought, we are done. When girls can get their fashion sense from the Bollywood fashionistas then why men have to be behind. For a wedding, there are various types of men’s jackets which one can wear. From a Bandh-gala to self-embroidered, a geometric cut to a knee-length sober jacket there is numerous options from where you can take inspiration. Sport an Indo-western outfit like an Off-white Kurta, Pyjama along with a light shaded jacket. For summers, choose linen to make a royal entry. Or go with Afghani pyjama and short kurta with half jacket contrasting the other two.

Here is the short guide to ease you out what would go best on you, how to be the charming guy in the crowd. When you walk down the ally in these men’s Jacket layered outfits let the heartbeats of girls compose some notes too.