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7 Ways to Wear Your Crisp White Shirt

The white is an everlasting staple that completes a sartorial tool that completes a man’s wardrobe. It is simple, elegant, and versatile and is an epitome of manly poise. This piece of clothing article is enough o takes you from office to evening party. Historically the white shirt was a symbol of wealth and distinction and it continues to be a premium clothing article. When worn right men’s white shirt takes you from good to stunning. The ubiquity of white shirt needs you to up the ante if you want to stand out from the masses.

White shirt with jeans

This is one of the oldest tricks that are part of a look book. Jeans with a crisp white shirt straddle that fine line existing between sophistication and cool. No matter whether you have opted for a pair of distressed skinny jeans or a slightly polished iteration of indigo denim boot cut, this look will work for sure. Though it is simple the devil is in the details. Here it boils down to choosing the right style of shirt. In a casual setup then a casual shirt like chambray or poplin is a great option. If it has a button-down collar that would be great. On the other hand, if you dressing up for a dinner party then opt for a fitted white shirt for men that have a dense weave.

The deadly combo of white shirt and suit

It is tough to stray away from a white shirt while suiting up. It is the perfect canvas for a tie and pocket square which is flattering universally. If you wear suits on a daily basis then nothing is better than a dark navy or grey two-piece along with a satin finish shirt. Finding the perfect business white shirt for men is like finding a needle in the haystack. There are a sheer number of options that will overwhelm you. Knowing a few steps will you in having a less daunting experience. First and foremost decide the cut that you prefer. A perfect white shirt should not be dropping or anything less or more. Next, go for the collar and cuffs that you love. A shirt with a French cuff and semi-cute dollar will never fail you with a tuxedo. If possible go for a concealed placard. These are small details but it creates a world of difference.

Shorts and white shirt

Nothing says summer like a linen white shirt and a Bermuda shorts. This is a staple when the mercury rises above the horizon. Go for a French linen shirt that has some weight. The creases that develop over time give you a sense of nonchalance. The linen shirt gives you a great opportunity to play with details. You can experiment with a Mandarin collar or try a breast pocket or a short sleeve.

Chino with white

Shirt and chino are considered to be a dull outfit to describe. But the beauty of a crisp branded white shirt is that it creates a world of difference when enters the mix. It takes a monotonous and boring work ensemble and transforms it into something special.  

Casual yet formal

An oxford shirt with an olive-colored and tab waisted linen trousers is a serious punch of style.

Denim and white shirt

Denim jacket and white shirt are two timeless classic pieces of clothing that will continue to be the same. Now pair these two together and be amazed how this classic clothing can make you look cucumber.

White shirt and the right shoes

The shoe that you wear with the men’s white shirt depends on the outfit. For a night out a white shirt with white sneakers is a perfect choice. You can experiment with shoes like loafers in the shoe department in the shoe department.

Bottom line

You can find the best collection of the finest men’s white shirt online that will fit perfectly for any occasion. Without further delay order your favorite white shirt.


7 Cools Ways to Wear Sweatshirt this Winter

Sweatshirts are the essentials for a man’s wardrobe. They have become a necessity over some time across different age groups. Thanks to the men’s lifestyle brands like Mufti introduced various styles of sweatshirts which can be worn differently. A piece of fashion which can only make you look the coolest. Sweatshirts are mostly considered as a classic street style as well as athleisure. With the availability of varieties of fashionable clothes for men, there is no dearth of unique styles which you can don every day. Here is a guide featuring versatile options for men to wear Sweatshirt especially during the freezing winter:

Grey Sweatshirts with Black Overcoats

How about pairing a Grey hoodie sweatshirt with a black overcoat? The combination is unique. It makes a great team mix of formal yet casual. The hoodie with the stiff overcoat collar adds an extra layer of protection against the chill in the air. The double dose of fashion looks great with black denim or even blue. This could also make an apt attire for friendly Friday and the plans after that. To keep the winters at bay, do pair the look with ankle-length suede shoes.

The Black Beauty

There is no other color like Black to be worn during the winters. They keep you warm like a pigeon and gives you an appearance which cannot go unnoticed. Black Sweatshirts for men with black denim and a black cap. Should you need to wear anything else to get the subtle yet classy look, right? The black sweatshirts are the best friend of a man’s wardrobe as it allows you to wear them effortlessly. The black color goes almost with varieties of bottom wears like jeans, chinos, joggers. And at last, if you want to add color then go for white sneakers.

Turning Crew-neck White Sweatshirts in semi-formal

Not many men like wearing white sweaters so leave the white sweatshirts out of question. It’s good a season to experiment with white sweatshirts but do give ample time to choose one for yourself. The right size, right brand like Mufti, and the right bottom wear is the key to dress up in a white sweatshirt. Go for a crew neck sweatshirt over a black formal trouser. To your amazement, you will find yourself much in the center of talks of your colleagues or friends. This black and white combination is different which adds a lot of substance to your character. To make it even unique, try a self-patterned black or charcoal trousers.

Over-sized Sweatshirt

The real deal of a street style is when you can balance your personality with an over-sized sweatshirt. Black or White, Grey or Blue, an oversized hoodie sweatshirt will set the groove of happy and cool weekends. Such sweatshirts teamed with joggers or regular denim are the best go-to outfits for a lazy weekend.

Add a Denim Layer

When the mercury level drops to minus, comfort yourself with the layering of a black sweatshirt with a denim blue jacket. Men’s Black sweatshirts are the best for such combination but any other color goes well with a blue denim jacket. Layering in winter helps you to switch between the temperatures comfortable by adding or taking off one of them.

Sweatshirts in Athleisure

Wear them with an athleisure look – Sweatshirt, joggers and sports shoes. These three are known to fulfill maximum criteria of a smart and cool look. Either choose a similar color sweatshirt and joggers or a mix-match with a pair of high-end sports shoes. On the other hand, if you are not fond of sports shoes then make yourself comfortable in Mufti casual sneakers.

Accessorize your Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts can be made into fun wear too. Like, add some cool travel or quote badges to solid colored sweatshirts and woolen scarves with a matching cap. Not many men believe in accessorizing their clothes thus, miss an important way to be impressive and stand out.

This winter, do yourself good by dressing in smart and cozy sweatshirts for men. Do not let the dark, gloomy days overcast on to your mood. Let the sweatshirt game be strong this season! Check out the collections from the house of Mufti to let your wardrobe enjoy the fresh air.


3 Ways to Wear Men’s Sports Jacket

Remember there were days when many would wear a men’s sports jacket only if you wear going out for a sports activity. Though time has changed. With the arrival of dynamic fashion brains now they are seen as a category of clothing itself which has turned out to be multi-purpose. The Athleisure Fashion category speaks all about the love of sporty and edgy get-ups. Because why not, clothes are more like a part of the personality rather than just a piece of cloth whose purpose is to hide the skin. And one of the loved items of all is Sports Jackets. These jackets are like best friends because they can be worn most of the months of the year. They give you confidence, make you feel good about yourself and most importantly, give you a unique look. Were you looking more from it? Let’s see what else a men’s Sports Jacket can offer you and how!

#1 Go Monotone

If you love to change your looks now and then, then go for a monotone Sports Jacket look. Pick up the similar track pant which makes the set complete and makes you look different. You got to try something new which is beyond the reach of everyone because not everyone aspires to be different but mostly want to look amazing. The look of a track pant and a branded sports jacket for men takes you on a journey of athleisure. You are active but also relaxed in your own mind. Pair the look with white sneakers to create a demarcation just at the bottom. The break of the eye is important in creating fashionable looks for men. And if actually hitting the running tracks, then better be in running shoes. Brands have believed in spending a lot of time to create stylish sporty men’s jacket. For example, Mufti is a men’s fashion brand which has revolutionized men’s styling. When you browse, you know it!

#2 The Black Jacket

Who would not fall in love with a Black Sports Jacket? Right. So, here are ways to style men’s black jackets.

Wear them with ripped denim with a men’s T-shirt underneath. If you want to keep it simple, White is the answer for all seasons.

Wear them as a layer during the winters over a solid black sweatshirt. They make a cool pair when combined with a pair of joggers. The casual looks are best for the weekends.

Did we mention that it goes for a semi-formal appearance too? Attending a party after office hours, do not hesitate to wear a black sporty jacket with a formal shirt and pant. Keep the jacket simple and sombre.

Or create one of those Bollywood Airport inspired looks from the leading men of the league. Go all black with sporty jacket for men and the jogger with a neon colored sports shoe.

#3 Athletic Pleasure from Sporty Jackets

There are many men around who would want to enjoy the essence of athletics even if they are not actively in one of them. They watch football, cricket, lawn-tennis with the same zeal what a player needs to carry on the field. To be in that zone, men can really enjoy the Athletic looks from Mufti’s Sports Jackets.

Wear long shirts over a pair of joggers and don a Sports jacket of your favourite colour.

Wear a hoodie inside the jacket over joggers or denim.

Going out to watch a football match, then wear those football shorts with the sporty jackets to give you the cheering from the grounds itself.

Go vice-versa, wear an all-black attire with a black t-shirt and joggers, mix & match with a contrast colored sporty jacket like blue, red, yellow, or brown. Do have a pair of neutral colors to be worn on the most of the days!

Sporty Jackets are a good friend of chilly winters too. Layering creates an ensemble of clothing which would make you a complete appearance. They come in different forms from brands like Mufti as well as in various styles.


5 Ways to Wear Striped T-Shirts

The coolest guy deserves the coolest men’s striped t-shirts in his wardrobe. Well, what is a fashionable cupboard without some stripes hanging out there? They are an effortless staple clothing which adds personality to your outfits. They are a bunch of t-shirts which can be worn at any time of the day, meaning from day to night you can easily carry the same look from office to the evening party. The key to wear striped t-shirts is to wear is that the rest of your attire should not overpower it but complement it. Otherwise, you might lose the essence of a good-looking t-shirt and yourself both. Sometimes, be a wise man to stick to the traditional colors to keep kit classy yet cool. Some hacks to wear striped t-shirts smartest ways:

#1 Black and White Striped T-shirt in basic Colors

Black and White, Blue and White, Brown and White or vice-versa, can traditional colors will never go out of the fashion. They can be worn in easily in summers with a pair of men’s jeans or during the winters with woolen bottoms. The basic colors make it a safe yet keen look and they can hardly go wrong. Sticking to basic colors helps in keeping the color tones subtle and adds a character to your overall persona too. They are also casual to be pulled with any type of bottoms which makes it easier to look for a combination.

#2 Denim layering with Striped T-shirt

Starting October, there is a mild chill in the air evening onward which are the great time of the year to start layering your outfits. Striped full sleeves t-shirts combined with blue denim jackets make an urbane ensemble for a man like you. You can also replace the jacket with a denim shirt too paired with blue denim or a black shirt with black & white striped t-shirt teamed up with black denim jean for men. An all-black appearance never fails to impress friends and families.

#3 White Denim to balance the Striped T-shirts

When wearing blue or black background t-shirts with black or white stripes respectively then there is nothing better than a pair of white denim to complete the look. If you have got a muscular leg then go for fitting jeans with a t-shirt pulled out. On the other hand, if wearing a white base, black striped t-shirt then comfortably choose blue denim ripped jeans. For rugged expression, even light washed jeans are a game-changer with t-shirts. You can find the best of washed jeans with Mufti – a brand which is committed to making men fashionable.

#4 Striped T-shirts with White & Blue Sneakers

Canvases or sneakers are the best of the lot to enhance the essence of striped t-shirts. Match your base color of the t-shirt with the shade of the sneaker. You might think it would not matter much but try doing this and thank us later. As much solid color is included while wearing a striped t-shirt, the stripes would appear stronger with minimum effort.

#5 Solid colored Shirt with Striped t-shirts

Do not forget your linen or denim shirts which are lying in the cupboard. Pick them up, match them with the striped t-shirts and hang them. Those pairs itself will make 4-5 different looks for you. Like, wear a white shirt over a blue striped t-shirt, a light blue over a dark blue-white striped t-shirt and so on. Aren’t they easy to pair? Or if you have got shades of pink, burnt orange or yellow then purchase yourself different tones of striped t-shirts. It’s legit that you would want to add some dash of neon in the outfits.

All in one, let the stripes make it game stronger. Do not let other outfits take away the charm of the men’s t-shirt in any case. Though you should be aware of what type of stripes goes on you – vertical or horizontal so that it doesn’t look awkward on you. Browse some for yourself if you have been thinking so.


5 Wardrobe Items that Every Men Needs

There are a few essentials without which your wardrobe would not have enough oxygen. Yes, you read it right. There are fashion needs which have to be owned by all men. They make you look sharp, they are handy, flexible to fashion trends, a part of comfort and most importantly, keeps your ready to create a look for any day. The Styling Essentials are like the best friends or Go-To people when in doubt. While the list could differ from person to person but there are some top five items which have been picked up to ease your life. Read on to know what are the fashion mandates:

#1 Dark Denim Jeans

Neither Denims can never be enough nor the love for it. They have found a special place in our hearts and minds, and wardrobes. There is that one pair of men’s jeans which is like the first love and is worn over and over. Well, we advise don’t do that no matter how much you love it. Always have a handful of varieties of Dark Blue jeans in the closet to be paired with different types of uppers- shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, blazers etc. A Dark Blue Denim will never go out of fashion and at the same time can create different looks with shirts and t-shirts. It is also a multi-purpose as it can be worn as semi-casual, casual for sure, on vacation, cocktail. You name the occasion and it works.

#2 White Button-Down Shirt (formal and casual)

Whites are special –shirts or t-shirts. But White Button-Down Shirts are the basic essentials without which days are incomplete. On average, most of the men would possess at least a couple of White Shirts – Chinese collared, Formal Slim Shirt, Linen White Shirt. Some of them always keep you ready for different moments. Though they are difficult to maintain good things don’t come without a heavy-duty, hence, buying them is not enough but you need to be a good caretaker.

#3 Black Tailored Suit

Men in Black! No one can beat the look. People might keep coming with the phrases like- Blue is the New Black, Orange is the New Black etc but Black will always be the New Black. There is no other attire which can create as impressive as a Black Suit for men. They make you look suave and leaves an ever-lasting impression. A Black Suit with shiny shoes with a branded White Shirt for men is the key to shine at any moment. They work for weddings, formal meetings or even cocktails.

#4 T-Shirts

T-shirts are not just everyday wear but more than that. They are important because firstly, they don’t demand much of maintenance and secondly, they can be worn with various bottoms. Like Polo Neck T-shirts are well fit for semi-formal days or could be worn during a beach vacation with shorts. A Mufti tropical printed t-shirt in olive and orange hues can add color to pull you out of black and whites. Full sleeves t-shirts make a pleasing statement with chinos during winters. The only key is to find your type and fit.

#5 Watches

Watches create a special story about men. The Grown-Up watches are timepiece jewelry for men which are worth spending for. Therefore, if you do not own a set of them then its high time to invest. Choose wisely according to your personality – leather, gold, silver belts. They speak about your attitude in a few words. Though no one is asking to ditch the funky watches they can always be taken out during vacations and casual meet-ups.

In the hustle-bustle of daily lives, everyone forgets to take care of themselves while keep taking care of everything else. There are so many ways that you can celebrate a regular day just with treating yourself special in minute ways. It is time to take care of yourself because a little would not do harm!


11 ways to style a plain white T-Shirt

White is pure love and so is a White T-shirt. One can never get enough of the white tees for the fashionable options they offer. They always make you ready to groove into a party, get-together, official meetings, semi-formal events or even to rock an unplanned date. While it might just look simple but has got the potential to create ever-appealing looks if worn in the right way. They can make other clothes look good too. When wearing white t-shirts do not restrict yourself with the
thought of what type of lower would go with it but think about accessorizing too. There are many cool ways to pump up the White T-shirt Style:

White Tee and Corduroy Jacket

Have you forgotten your Corduroy jacket long back? Take out that this winter to rock the look with a White T-shirt. Clothes can really be revamped into a new fashion if worn with the right combination. White T-shirts are one of them. A beige Corduroy jacket with round neck white t-shirt could make you look classy and different. After all, vintage is the new fashion!

White Polo with Chinos

Did your eyes twinkle? You might be holding back to try the combo. Ditch all other colours and straight forward buy yourself a Mufti plain White T-shirt along with beige chinos. And thank us later!

White Round Neck with Checked Suit

Suits should not be restricted with shirts and ties. That’s a style which has been existing for years now. Try something new which is yet to become a trend but totally would make you rock the ramp. A White Round Neck T-shirt with Checked suit. You will be surprised that the outfit is more appealing than what it had been with dress shirts.

White Tee with a Bomber Jacket

For the ones who like it raw and rugged! Throw up a bomber jacket during winters to complete the look of a White T-shirt. Go for a dual colored bomber jacket like brown and black to accentuate the white t-shirt.

White Tee and Black Suit

The most basic combo of black and white but has a never dying attitude. It talks about personality when you wear the combo of a Mufti white t-shirt with ecru-round neck and pair it with a jet-black suit. The look is elementary but nothing gets near to its classy-ness.

White tee with Military print shirt

Plaid shirts have been in fashion or for that matter everyone has been wearing White Tees with Denim shirts. Though try the new OOTD – a Mufti Collared White T-shirt with Military Print shirt. Show off the double collar impact. It is not something to be missed.

White tee with white cap

How about accessorizing it a bit? Generally, caps are worn out of necessity but a denim cap with White T-shirt and washed denim would create a cool attire when hanging out with friends.

White Tee with Satchel Bag

Accessories number 2- Bags. Bags would create a different look as well as they are functional. A satchel bag in beige color or navy blue would give you a perfect college appearance. Pair it with multi-pockets joggers and high ankle boots to let the magic happen.

Turtle Neck White Tee with a long jacket

Turtle Neck T-shirts have not been seen much being worn by the men. They make you look classy when worn with blazers or long jackets or even shrugs when the winter has just started. Also, a Turtle Neck t-shirt with high-waist jeans will give you a vintage but classy look.

White T-shirt with a white pair of jeans

How about all white appearance? Such kind of attire can overwhelm anyone but all white during summers can be really subtle and comfortable. Mufti has got a range of lightweight t-shirts which can be paired with linen pants. It is a minimalistic fashion.

White and Navy-Blue Combo

A classic pairing! The pairing of a classic plain white T-shirt and a navy-blue cotton pant can make anyone’s day. Tuck in the T-shirt for a semi-formal look and a confident presence. To add an accessory, choose a pure leather brown belt.

White T-shirts can surprise with umpteen number of styling options. Go get your dose of branded White T-shirts now from Mufti!