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11 ways to style a plain white T-Shirt

White is pure love and so is a White T-shirt. One can never get enough of the white tees for the fashionable options they offer. They always make you ready to groove into a party, get-together, official meetings, semi-formal events or even to rock an unplanned date. While it might just look simple but has got the potential to create ever-appealing looks if worn in the right way. They can make other clothes look good too. When wearing white t-shirts do not restrict yourself with the
thought of what type of lower would go with it but think about accessorizing too. There are many cool ways to pump up the White T-shirt Style:

White Tee and Corduroy Jacket

Have you forgotten your Corduroy jacket long back? Take out that this winter to rock the look with a White T-shirt. Clothes can really be revamped into a new fashion if worn with the right combination. White T-shirts are one of them. A beige Corduroy jacket with round neck white t-shirt could make you look classy and different. After all, vintage is the new fashion!

White Polo with Chinos

Did your eyes twinkle? You might be holding back to try the combo. Ditch all other colours and straight forward buy yourself a Mufti plain White T-shirt along with beige chinos. And thank us later!

White Round Neck with Checked Suit

Suits should not be restricted with shirts and ties. That’s a style which has been existing for years now. Try something new which is yet to become a trend but totally would make you rock the ramp. A White Round Neck T-shirt with Checked suit. You will be surprised that the outfit is more appealing than what it had been with dress shirts.

White Tee with a Bomber Jacket

For the ones who like it raw and rugged! Throw up a bomber jacket during winters to complete the look of a White T-shirt. Go for a dual colored bomber jacket like brown and black to accentuate the white t-shirt.

White Tee and Black Suit

The most basic combo of black and white but has a never dying attitude. It talks about personality when you wear the combo of a Mufti white t-shirt with ecru-round neck and pair it with a jet-black suit. The look is elementary but nothing gets near to its classy-ness.

White tee with Military print shirt

Plaid shirts have been in fashion or for that matter everyone has been wearing White Tees with Denim shirts. Though try the new OOTD – a Mufti Collared White T-shirt with Military Print shirt. Show off the double collar impact. It is not something to be missed.

White tee with white cap

How about accessorizing it a bit? Generally, caps are worn out of necessity but a denim cap with White T-shirt and washed denim would create a cool attire when hanging out with friends.

White Tee with Satchel Bag

Accessories number 2- Bags. Bags would create a different look as well as they are functional. A satchel bag in beige color or navy blue would give you a perfect college appearance. Pair it with multi-pockets joggers and high ankle boots to let the magic happen.

Turtle Neck White Tee with a long jacket

Turtle Neck T-shirts have not been seen much being worn by the men. They make you look classy when worn with blazers or long jackets or even shrugs when the winter has just started. Also, a Turtle Neck t-shirt with high-waist jeans will give you a vintage but classy look.

White T-shirt with a white pair of jeans

How about all white appearance? Such kind of attire can overwhelm anyone but all white during summers can be really subtle and comfortable. Mufti has got a range of lightweight t-shirts which can be paired with linen pants. It is a minimalistic fashion.

White and Navy-Blue Combo

A classic pairing! The pairing of a classic plain white T-shirt and a navy-blue cotton pant can make anyone’s day. Tuck in the T-shirt for a semi-formal look and a confident presence. To add an accessory, choose a pure leather brown belt.

White T-shirts can surprise with umpteen number of styling options. Go get your dose of branded White T-shirts now from Mufti!